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A new breed of athlete is quickly emerging.
No longer satisfied with being defined by how much they can bench press, bodyweight athletes prefer to focus on how well they can fight gravity. They challenge their bodies to be both their gym and their resistance. They are committed to progressing with each workout - resulting in a perfectly symmetrical physique that appears to be carved from stone.

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Taken from our new Bodyweight Athlete program, this tutorial teaches you 11 "horizontal push" variations from a super regressed Two-Arm Push-Up to the impressive Single-Arm Push-Up.
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Bodyweight Training is for everyone -
from business men and breakdancers to Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighters to housewives. We welcome anyone ready to be empowered with the knowledge that their own body and gravity can improve their fitness, build their physique, and perfect their athletic skills.
Bodyweight Training is built upon solid science,
physiology and methodology. Within this website, you will find instructional videos, useful articles, inspirational photos, information on upcoming workshops, product reviews and equipment, and apparel for the Bodyweight Athlete. Welcome Bodyweight Athletes!
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